It’s an hour before you end your regular shift. Out of nowhere, you realize there are still a ton of things left to do. Why do we wish to shrink or disappear in that instance?

We all know that our instinct always indicates exhaustion every time we think about doing extra work but, why don’t we see it as an opportunity for growth? The more we do, the better we become.

Having your own business or even being an employee can be tiring, however, there certain aspects that can help us in becoming a better professional through not fearing doing the extra work.

Extra Tasks

The last thing that you would want to see before you end your day is an extra task that pops out of nowhere. Yes, it may not be a pretty sight especially if you are about to see everyone leaving the office. But what’s in it for you if you take on this extra task?

Doing extra work is always exhausting but it can be your highway to success especially if you are trying to climb the corporate ladder. This is also a good way to gain a new skill set to add up to your resume or personal growth. It is also a good way to get an acknowledgment from the top, a strong message to let them know about your capability as an individual.

But in sad reality, most people tend to refuse to do an extra task for the fear of failure or the unknown. We always fail to realize that going extra mile means being able to develop your capabilities.

When we see extra tasks on our plate, we should always see it as an opportunity and should not be afraid of trying new things. Like the great Michael Jordan said, “Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion”.

Take Initiative

Taking initiative is another way for you to grow as an individual and as a professional. This is another avenue for you to showcase your skills and to challenge your abilities as a professional. This let’s you push yourself further from your limits. This guides your skills to growing in different directions.

By doing so, it let’s you push your boundaries to be able to expand your knowledge and allow yourself to grow.

The Reward

There is no such thing as an easy job or a shortcut to success. It will definitely take time to reap what you sow. But seeing the success of your extra effort is the most fulfilling reward that you can ever have.That extra work is something that we should see as an opportunity for growth.

That comfort zone by doing the same process every day that you know could be the one that’s holding you back. So take the risk, you’ll never know what greatness is in store for you if you don’t.