Good Qualities and Traits Of A Filipino VA

Filipinos are known for their customer service qualities. Many companies in other countries prefer to outsource a lot of Virtual Assistant (VA) work to the Philippines not just because they can speak English very well but also for their respect, their strong work ethics, skill competencies, and having good traits and values.

Filipinos are great in time management. They work with their clients from other countries from different time zones. Philippine Time differs a lot from Time zones in the United States and that is why most of them are working at night.

So, why are Filipino VAs the best amongst the rest? Here’s why:


Strong Work Ethics

Filipinos are very courteous, polite and friendly. They tend to get along easily with other people, meaning you won’t expect anything but respect from them. Loyalty is also a strong trait in Filipinos, so you won’t have a hard time trusting them.

Filipinos are known for their good work ethics; they can work in any job or work environment. This is something you should look for in any Virtual Assistant – a Virtual Assistant who fully understands what is necessary in order to finish his/her task/s and knows how to get the work done. After all, they will be a valuable member of your team.


Language Competency

English is considered as a  universal language and the second language in the Philippines. During the early years of education, the essentials of the language are emphasized significantly. In addition, Filipinos are great with comprehension. They do things accordingly. Once they understand what you want them to accomplish, they will provide you with astonishing results. 

This is vitally important when you’re working with a Virtual Assistant. VAs from the Philippines have excellent written and verbal communication abilities. You have to ensure that there is no language barrier between you and your personal Virtual Assistant so you can build an effective relationship.


Quick Learner

Sharp-witted Filipinos help themselves by learning quickly and adapting to changes of the online world. Being a quick learner is becoming progressively valued in this industry and Filipino Virtual Assistants are fast learners and resourceful professionals.

You don’t have to worry when the task you need done is something new to your VA. When a task becomes a bit challenging or tough, your “Tech-savvy” VA can actually find resources over the internet so they can train themselves. They do things by utilizing different software solutions,


Highly Motivated

Filipino Virtual Assistants are known for having a cheerful, friendly and good-humored personality. So a few words of encouragement and some jests can most often be the one of the motivations you need to encourage them to get the work done faster or in the middle of difficult times.


Commend your Virtual Assistant for a job well done. Give them incentives if you would love to if you think they made an extra effort. That will make them more excited, motivated, encouraged and exert more effort on the next task that you will be giving them. They will show you loyalty and most especially, gratitude.