It’s always a great day when we hear the success stories of our clients. Today, Janki Patel at the Janki Patel Team at eXp Realty shares her story about hiring Virtudesk’s virtual assistants (VAs) and how it transformed her business.

Her philosophy to real estate is that buying or selling a home is a huge investment decision and she is passionate about providing the help and mentoring along each step. She and her team strongly believe a home is where the heart is and she endeavors to always find the right fit for her clients.

Janki has been in the real estate industry for the last 17 years! Her first major experience was at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage working as a realtor. She did that for 10 years until she decided to move to Legacy Real Estate & Associates and became a realtor for almost 4 years. After so much experience, she decided to start her own team, called “The Janki Patel Team” in 2012 with the vision of creating a collaborative and engaging work environment that fosters education, trust, and happiness for her clients and team members. Janki is passionate about mentoring new agents and providing those crucial educational opportunities to help her team grow. Her business and personal philosophy is a true testament to the growing success of the Janki Patel Team.


Virtudesk Testimonial


Here’s What Janki Had to Say About Virtudesk

“Hello everybody my name is Janki Patel. I am with eXp Realty. I’ve been in this industry for the past 17 years and I have to tell you I have had so many Administrative Assistants and ISAs on my team.”

“Nothing worked out as well as Virtudesk. Virtudesk has one of the best, best, best and amazing, amazing VAs and ISAs.”

“A little bit about my business—I was looking for a company that has assistants and that has ISAs and I couldn’t find someone that has their VAs trained and knowledgeable about systems.”

“I also do take care of my ISAs by doing role-playing with them and practicing scripts with them. I teach them what I expect from them. They’re very open-minded and very education-bound. They want to learn from you.”

“I love my ISAs. I love my admin staff, and if it wasn’t for Virtudesk, I wouldn’t be where I am in my business today.”

“So, if you are looking for a virtual assistant company, please check out Virtudesk. They are by far the best. Thank you.”


If you want to watch Janki say these words herself, go to our YouTube Channel to watch her full testimony.

Virtudesk Testimonial


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