Can you believe the holidays and Thanksgiving season are already upon us? This is the perfect time to express gratitude for all the ways we are blessed. What about your holiday plans with your family and friends? We bet you will attend lots of gatherings here and there. These are some of the things that we remain on our list, but one thing that becomes more precious to us each year is time. Probably the question now is, do you have all the time you need to do all the things you must and want to do? If your answer is no, then you definitely need a VA.

Imagine if you can attend all the gatherings with your family and friends and do the things you must and want to do without sacrificing the health of your business, that would be awesome, right? But if you’re unsure what a VA can do for you, keep on reading so you can reflect how important having one is.


Virtudesk was one of the exhibitors at the largest annual event for the most successful real estate professionals. This event was jam-packed with over 20,000 Realtors across the world.

Realtors were very eager to know more about how a virtual assistant will be able to help with their business. I must say, this was a successful one!


Watch Pavel and Kevin of LabCoat Agents talk about how a Virtual Assistant can help you leverage your business, how they can help you manage the most important aspects of your business so you can reach your fullest potential.

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In the spirit of giving thanks, we’ve put together a thank-worthy deal just for you!

Hire a Virtual Assistant from November 19-23, and get 50% discount on the start up fee.


This program is the solution to the Realtors who were asking how they can save on the cost of a VA. This allows a Realtor to partner up with their Lender and split the cost of the VA.

Simply contact our office and provide the lender information, the share of the cost and lender’s credit card number and we will handle the rest. Your lender can also benefit from your VA as your VA will be reaching more buyer’s leads.


We love to reward our clients with bonuses and we love when our clients love us. So, if you know somebody who can benefit from our services, simply provide their name and number to our marketing department and once that person signs up for our services, we issue you $150 towards your next invoice.

*applicable to existing clients only