Time: this is the most valued asset that we all have and we should utilize it wisely. As we all know, top producing agents are top earners because they leverage their time and resources. Modern technologies and globalization of the market allow Realtors to hire an assistant in another country. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to handle your mundane tasks seems like a good idea. You can hire people in another country to prospect for leads, make cold calls, handle your administrative tasks, etc. Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

If you decide to go this route, let’s take a look at some basic steps to ensure success with your Virtual Assistant (VA) and keep steady results.

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The Real Estate industry has been remarkable these years. Every Real Estate Agent needs help and one of the easiest aides that they could get is hiring someone to help them grow the business – getting a Virtual Assistant.

Here are some tips to find the Best Real Estate Virtual Assistants.

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Have you ever asked yourself, is it possible to multiply myself? What if I could clone myself? If you did, you would possibly be able to do every single task for your business. Nowadays, businessmen hire a potential Virtual Assistant from offshore just to offload half the work they’re doing.

You might think of what set of questions should you ask or what should be the things you need to know from your potential candidate. Well, we have listed down 10 Interview Questions for your potential Virtual Assistant. 


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This program is the solution to the Realtors who were asking how they can save on the cost of a VA. This allows a Realtor to partner up with their Lender and split the cost of the VA.

Simply contact our office and provide the lender information, the share of the cost and lender’s credit card number and we will handle the rest. Your lender can also benefit from your VA as your VA will be reaching more buyer’s leads.


We are pleased to announce that Virtudesk is now officially a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office! This took 10 months to arrive but all the process and waiting are worth it! Cheers to another Virtudesk milestone! Now we are more determined than ever to bring you excellent service so you can move your business forward!

Our goal is to give you more time to focus on what matters most to you – driving business production and growth. So stop wasting your valuable time on menial administrative tasks and focus on the things you are amazing at.


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