Real Estate industry may have a seasonal market. Since we have four seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter – it is always helpful, as agents and real estate brokers, to know when the best season for selling or for buying a property is. Throughout these seasons and as your business grows, emails get piled up, your schedule tightens, and your calendar will most likely be fully booked (or at least that should be the goal). And in these times, you might want to consider hiring virtual assistants to help you find balance in your company and in the flow of your business.

Are there really best seasons to buy or sell a home? If so, then when is the best time of the year to hire virtual assistants? Or, do you really even need to hire a virtual assistant? These are the common questions people in the Real Estate industry would have in mind. Most especially, if they are planning to step up their Real Estate game.

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Getting stuck in your to-do list? Having difficulty finishing your reports and presentations on time? If you are looking for ways to accomplish your tasks quicker without compromising the results, you came to the right place (or should I say the right page).

Deadlines come knocking at your front door? Cram no more! Here are 5 tips to make your to-do list realistically doable.

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We all came from different families, with different statuses in life. But none of us are born losers. Along the way, as we age and as we grow, we encounter experiences in life that would eventually define us. Through these experiences, we are defined by how we respond to or handle certain situations. Our characteristics, our traits, and the qualities that we possess as human beings – these are what separate the losers from the winners.

Here are some of the best practices we must apply in our daily lives and in our jobs if we want to play as winners and stay as winners.

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Virtudesk had a blast participating at the LabCoat Agents Live at San Diego. This event was jam packed with Real Estate knowledge, latest tech talk, social media strategies, lead generation techniques, nurture and conversion strategies, mindset and more.

Attention Lab Coat Agents!

We visited Lab Coat Agents Live in San Diego and hosted a booth. As you guys probably know, we are one of the verified vendors with Lab Coat Agents and as a token of our appreciation, we are happy to offer a special discount for LCA agents. It is 50% off setup fee ($175 value).