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As the world continues to face a once-in-a-century global pandemic, still the best thing to do now is to plan for this crisis and keep moving forward. We know that businesses are facing all kinds of challenges but the key to survival is the ability to adapt.

As the world has shifted to a more remote and virtual living, this comes a need for businesses for well-trained assistants who can easily adapt and meet business demands virtually.

You can surely gain a massive growth through virtual assistants because you can do more with less – your virtual assistant can help you navigate to any unusual or new obstacles this pandemic throws your business way while you can focus on the most important aspect of your business.

The webinars included in this edition will help you understand how you can maximize virtual assistants for optimal growth of your business – whether you are new to hiring a VA or you already have one.

WEBINAR: Massive Growth Through Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants can fill the needs of all your short-term projects that require specialized attention or quick turnarounds. If you want your business to reach its maximum potential, you need people with you. Virtudesk can definitely help you.

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WEBINAR: Step By Step Guide To Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant can completely change the shape of your business in a lot of ways! Learn how to hire a virtual assistant and why everyone should have one.

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WEBINAR: How To Train Your Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants have a big role in helping businesses during uncertain times. Adding a virtual assistant to your workforce offers a degree of flexibility. This webinar will guide you on how to train your virtual assistant.

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We love to reward our clients with bonuses and we love when our clients love us. So, if you know somebody who can benefit from our services, simply provide their name and number to our marketing department and once that person signs up for our services, we issue you $150 towards your next invoice. *applicable to existing clients only


This program is the solution to the Realtors who were asking how they can save on the cost of a VA. This allows a Realtor to partner up with their Lender and split the cost of the VA. Simply contact our office and provide the lender information, the share of the cost and the lender’s credit card number and we will handle the rest. Your lender can also benefit from your VA as your VA will be reaching more buyer leads.

Thank you and feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions or concerns!