Welcome to the 4th Quarter of 2019, the key period to getting your goal “numbers” back on track to finish off the year in a strong position and for the good start of 2020. Keep in mind these simple ways on how to drive sales, grow your business and establish a solid foundation for a prosperous new year:

1. Focus on your top clients – you might want to look closely on the list of clients that you have and prioritize those who have been active: nurture them, invite them to private events and present/offer them discounts and good deals.

2. Build your network through your own network – referral incentives are the most cost-effective ways to build your business. Create notable incentives to your existing clients when they refer another friend/client. Since the friend will already be pre-conditioned to like your business, you’ll have an opportunity to establish a new customer relationship with long-term potential.

3. Ask for feedback – while testimonials or feedback is not often requested, it’s the best way you can improve the customer experience. It is also a notable way to build trust for potential clients.

4. Maximize your presence at events – industry events are an important part of growing your business. It gives you an opportunity to meet industry leaders, acquiring new knowledge that can improve your skills, and promoting your company. After the event, keep the conversations going with new connections by leveraging e-mail and social media.

If you pay close attention through every step of the process, your fourth quarter will most likely end on a high note, beat your sales goals and drive value for your company and clients.


The Real Talk Conference was made by hardworking and successful entrepreneurs, who will take you from Mindset to Social Media Ads, from foundation work to lead generation and most importantly sales! This conference was super productive and interesting. Met so many inspiring people and made amazing business connections.



New York Real Estate Expo is one of the most famous and oldest expos in the industry. The event brought together top commercial and residential real estate professionals for a day of networking, panel discussions and exhibiting. And this year, I’m one of the speakers of the Technology Panel with other Innovative Leaders in Information Technology.

Highlights of LCA1 Detroit


Catch Virtudesk at 2019 Realtors Conference and Expo at San Francisco on November 8-11, 2019.

The REALTORS® Conference & Expo is the largest annual event for the most successful real estate professionals. The event takes place every November across a four-day weekend. The conference experience is about education, networking and motivation.

Highlights of LCA1 Detroit


Watch Tristan Ahumada, CEO of Lab Coat Agents, as he shared his insights about “leverage as the new hustle” and how his virtual assistants from Virtudesk are helping him from his day-to-day tasks.