Secretaries act as the glue to any small business or corporate office. They have many responsibilities that are essential for any office to run smoothly. They act as the connector between the public and staff, the organizer of company files, the tracker of expenses, and much more. Below, we will explain what is virtual secretary services, what tasks to delegate to a virtual secretary, and the benefits of hiring one.


What is a Virtual Secretary?

Instead of hiring an in-person secretary to come to the office every day, a virtual secretary can do all the same work, but virtually. They are virtual assistants that work remotely. They are largely responsible for administrative work like answering phone calls, meeting transcription, and basic bookkeeping. Below, are some of the most common tasks to delegate to your virtual secretary.

What Tasks Can I Delegate to a Virtual Secretary?

Virtual secretaries can be responsible for administrative and clerical tasks, like organizing files, preparing documents, support other staff, and much more. Below is a full list of all the tasks a virtual secretary can do for your business.

  • Answer telephones and take messages or transfer calls
  • Schedule appointments
  • Handles and update event calendars
  • Arrange staff meetings
  • Handle company email inboxes
  • Edit documents
  • Prepare presentations, reports and other company documents
    à Memos, invoices, and other reports
  • Maintain electronic databases
  • Create and manage spreadsheets
  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Conducting research
  • Make travel arrangements
    à Booking hotels, flights, and events
  • Purchasing/buy supplies
  • Transcription

Virtual Secretary Services

Difference Between a Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Secretary

You may be wondering what the difference is between a virtual receptionist and secretary, as they may seem to do the same thing. Although they share a lot of the same tasks, they are completely different positions! Virtual receptionists are largely responsible for answering incoming phone calls, and making sure those calls get to the right person. Other responsibilities include managing other communications, like email. Virtual receptionists can update and manage databases and spreadsheets – many administrative tasks.

Virtual secretaries are responsible for these kinds of tasks as well, but take on more such basic bookkeeping, project management, recording meeting minutes, making travel arrangements, conducting research, sometimes negotiating with vendors and acting as the liaison between the public and management. You can think of a virtual secretary as a gloried or advanced level receptionist. They take on all the same tasks and some.


Benefits of Virtual Secretary Services

Company and Office Organization Ensured
This is huge! Having the proper organization and structure within a business can be transformative for performance rate and the overall effectiveness for your business. Maintaining internal files and activities through company databases and spreadsheets is key for business efficiency. Virtual secretaries can help you know what you are spending and coordinate those transactions. They can make sure that phone calls and emails are answered promptly so that customers remain informed and happy. They can track all internal activities, business activities, and any meta data, so that everything can be referenced by management. When this is done, it ensures internal transparency and a trackable record for your business throughout the years.

More Time for Business Growth

Although answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, conducting research, bookkeeping, and keeping the company organized are all essential tasks, they don’t contribute directly to revenue. Instead, that may be talking to clients or customers interested in buying from you, attending events and conferences, or working out collaborations and partnerships. By hiring a virtual secretary, you can give yourself back hours and hours of time previously spent working IN the business, and now redirect it to work ON the business. By doing this, you can now focus on the 20% of the work that produces 80% of the results.

Cost Savings
Virtual secretaries can also save you a lot of money, especially when compared to a full-time in-house employee. By hiring a virtual secretary, you can save upward of $60,000 a year, because you are not responsible for paying their fringe benefits, taxes, office overhead, or higher annual labor cost. The virtual assistant company that you choose to outsource through takes care of those costs so you don’t have to. By going virtual, all of these types of costs associated with employing others is either eliminated or significantly reduced.

Virtual Secretary Services


Secretaries are essential for any business, as they take care of the tasks that can either be 1.) overlooked due to time constraints or 2.) not given enough attention. By hiring a virtual secretary, you can save on cost in comparison to hiring an in-house employee and stretch your business dollar as well. The money you save can go back into the business and towards other needed programs to grow the business.


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