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From day to day, the pandemic has changed the way we live around the world. Even when lockdown restrictions are over, many say that the world will never be the same. While the coronavirus pandemic’s real impact is still pending, entrepreneurs and businesses across all markets are affected and looking to answer: OK, what do I do after it’s over? What will the business world look like? Many people had to spend these uncertain times at home and rearrange how their lives worked before. Most of them learned new skills or refreshed old ones. Entrepreneurs and businesses had to go online. As the lockdown restrictions are being eased, we can already see the changes and what business fields were more affected.

Here are the five things which have totally changed during the Pandemic.

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VIRTUDESK DIGEST: It’s our 25th edition!

2018 when we launched this VDesk Digest to keep you up to date with the company development, changes, and major announcements. Looking through the past editions we’ve published, we are very proud of all the important happenings here at Virtudesk. To keep you on track with Virtudesk milestones, click the link below for the past editions of VDesk Digest:

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VIRTUDESK WEBINARS: In case you missed something…

Click the link below for the recap of the webinars that we’ve had in case you missed one. Please subscribe and follow our YouTube channel so you can watch the videos.

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We love to reward our clients with bonuses and we love when our clients love us. So, if you know somebody who can benefit from our services, simply provide their name and number to our marketing department and once that person signs up for our services, we issue you a $300 referral credit.

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