It seems that 2020 has been a year to remember. Without listing the events of this year, we’d like to simply express our gratitude to our clients and everyone at VirtuDesk! As you can imagine, being in the business of remote support, we’re experiencing a huge demand for our amazing Virtual Assistants. We’re taking steps to be at the forefront of any conversation where we find value to offer our business solution.

The digest below reflects on the year and our progress as a response to the challenges and opportunities of this year.

A shift to a Work-from-Home (WFH) is recent, but it’s not this year’s development. Many companies in the tech sector have been transitioning to this model over the past few years. Then the pandemic happened, and the business world reacted to it by sending almost all employees home. Business running not even close to the usual fashion, but humanity always found a way to continue the course.

So for the majority of companies and industries, the move away from the conventional ‘work office’ model to a remote ‘work-from-home’ (WFH) setup was a no-brainer. The tech industry giants set the bar by announcing this year the shift for its willing workforce to the WFH model on a permanent basis. The appeal to companies is obvious. Hire the best talent while cutting costs on commercial real estate and the associated overhead expenses. Some companies took it further by paying its employees’ relocation compensations to move to smaller, less expensive areas. Think of a fin-tech company Stripe that paid its employees in the vicinity of 20,000 dollars for relocation, while keeping the 10% of the pay cut.

All this leads to substantiate our business proposition for our valued clients and keep enhancing the value add by adapting to the ever-changing business landscape, regardless of an industry or a niche. In fact, these events better prepare VirtuDesk to remain a step ahead.

Our VAs are already set up for a WFH model, they are motivated to be able to cut down on the commute and work from the sanctuary of their own home. We’re entering a different age where norms are challenged and conventions tested, and the great part of it all is the ability to adapt to the changing times and get ahead with the tools at disposal.

Besides our value proposition of quality VAs, we’ve stepped up our game and teamed up with a KW Command Tech Trainer–Eric Thomas. He’s been training our VAs on the platform to add net-new value to the services our best-in-class VAs bring to the table. Now the new approach has VA mastering the versatile platform to better assist our KW Realty clients!

Get in touch with us to begin a VA selection process! In the meantime, check out our latest webinar sharing his winning tips and tactics on how to maximize the value of a Virtual Assistant! Eric delves into the intricacies of the KW Command platform by giving you a front-row seat of his monitor. He goes into detail explaining the dashboard features of the platform (e.g., Smartview, SmartPlans, Campaigns, Database Help, contacts, etc.). Speaking of contacts, Eric spends time to thoroughly explain the Contact Card feature of the dashboard to illustrate the nurturing capability of the platform.

KW Command is an extremely useful tool for KW agents who can benefit from the personalized feed based on their preferences and neighborhoods selected. The platform is packed with analytics (insights), the ability to customize their portfolio books in The Opportunities dashboard, and so much more.

We cannot emphasize how powerful the KW Command is and because of its appeal and usefulness, we made a decision to train our VAs on it.

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a critical and a key step in your career path and business growth and continued operation. Whether you’re a business owner or a self-made entrepreneur, if you’re thinking about how to leverage your business – Virtual Assistant is the answer.

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In closing, we would like to remind folks of this program that addresses the cost of investing in a VA on your team. A Realtor can partner up with their Lender and both split the VA cost. When contacting our team, give us your lender information, we’ll handle the rest. By the way, your lender can also benefit from your VA to reach more buyers’ leads.


Thank you and feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions or concerns!