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Why Virtudesk

Here are some of the reasons why our clients trust us with their Virtual Assistant needs

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Administrative or Marketing

  • Full-Time (40 hrs/week)
  • Part-Time (20 hrs/week) – $9.60/hr
  • Candidate Interview
  • Dedicated VA
  • Dedicated Team Manager
  • HR Compliant
  • 2 Daily Reports
  • Payroll Management
  • Time Tracker Access (Screenshot Monitoring)
  • 20, 40, 60 or 80 Total Hours
  • Project Based

Prospecting / ISA

  • Full-Time (40 hrs/week)
  • Part-Time (20 hrs/week) – $10.75/hr
  • Candidate Interview
  • Dedicated VA
  • Dedicated Team Manager
  • HR Compliant
  • 2 Daily Reports
  • Payroll Management
  • Time Tracker Access (Screenshot Monitoring)
  • 20, 40, 60 or 80 Total Hours
  • Project Based

Executive Virtual Assistant

  • Full-Time – (40 hrs/week)
  • Part-Time – (20 hrs/week) – $12.25/hr
  • Candidate Interview
  • Dedicated VA
  • Dedicated Team Manager
  • HR Compliant
  • 2 Daily Reports
  • Payroll Management
  • Time Tracker Access (Screenshot Monitoring)
  • 20, 40, 60 or 80 Total Hours
  • Project Based
  • All Packages require a $450 set up fee at initial signing with a 3-month lock-in period.

  • Set-up fee for Time Block is $199 with no lock-in period

Meet our most trusted Partners & Clients

“I’ll rate Virtudesk 5/5. My experience with Virtudesk was fantastic. I like your follow-ups and consistency is very refreshing and it makes me feel very confident in hiring Virtudesk”

Rick Garza, Bright and Early Productions

“We hired a VA because we needed help on recruiting for agents and I am very satisfied with my Virtual Assistant. The experience with Virtudesk is really good and I am really really happy”

Misti Bruton, AVO Realty

“One of the reasons why we hire a Virtual Assistant is because a VA can’t walk out my door and take my business. Second, the cost value and the third is, we just had a super well qualified hardworking admin – I am very satisfied with my VA. We are also constantly getting follow-ups to ensure that we are very satisfied”

John Rainville, BrokersRealty.com

Absolutely fantastic. My entire admin side of my business is leveraged out to VAs. I have been working with 1 for about 9 months before I hired my 2nd one. She was able to yield me way more business than I ever could working solo. Also she is amazing with my customers. I hired a 2nd VA just last week and she already set multiple listing appointments with one already going on the market this Friday. Would highly recommend.I understand that it may be hard to pull this trigger, it was very hard for me too, but this is a great company, they are 100% legit and I will personally vouch for them at any time. Just do it! 🙂 Partnering with them has been a great asset to my business and will be for yours.Thank you Virtudesk!
John Carey
16:54 14 Oct 20
I am EXTREMELY pleased with the services I am receiving from Virtudesk!! My virtual assistant has helped to catapult my business to the next level. Thanks to my virtual assistant, my business structure is becoming more organized, my branding has improved, new systems are in place and my VA has helped me to cut expenses by implementing more efficient systems and platforms. Very efficient, very professional, pushes me to do my best, helps me to stay focused on our goals..!! I am beyond happy!!
The Shereece Monroe Group
05:15 17 Sep 20
Excellent service great follow up and Derren is above average with work presented. Always timely and helpful. I highly recommend this company
14:19 04 Sep 20
VirtuDesk is amazing.. So impressed with the customer service.. I've had couple of VA and they all have be awesome. Management is always there to help & support you. Very professional and VirtuDesk is great choice when you need assistance in your business. Grateful for VirtuDesk
Lisa Lombardi
18:19 18 Aug 20
I had a very good experience with virtudesk. I am very happy I chose them to help my work. I will be back.
Seubert Bonita
11:16 15 Aug 20
This is a fantastic company That has helped my firm tremendously.I recommend it to anyone.The service is excellent! The owner is top notch! Anna Levtov Azza Corp.
Anna Levtov
21:00 14 Aug 20
Love to do business with this company for their professionalism and punctuality. Easy to communicate and ability to understand our needs. They came highly recommended and I’m glad I did.
Absolutely will do business again in the future when we have the needs. Thank you VirtuDesk!
Ralph Ringo
Ringo Heating & Air Co. Inc.
Ralph Ringo
14:12 14 Aug 20
I love virtudesk. You are amazing! Great results.
Mary Ann
06:07 14 Aug 20
Premier Property Management has been using VirtuDesk services for several years and has been very happy with the services provided.Mia Fernando and Sara Martinez, our current virtual assistants,have provided extraordinary customer service and proved to be fast learners with attention to details.They are great additions to our team.We enjoy working with them and we will definitely use their services going forward.
Raluca David
14:27 12 Aug 20
I had a great experience with the Virtudesk team, leadership and virtual assistants they provided for me. Will definitely look into hiring them again for my future projects and need. Thank you!
Yaasha Sabba
21:05 19 Jun 20
Love these guys, the team was on point and does not dissapoint
Natalie Amoroso
00:06 17 Jun 20
Steven Huang
22:56 19 Mar 20
It is the best company in helping real estate professionals grow their business. Loving the professionalism and quality at Virtudesk. Looking forward to a long relationship!
Maria Boch
22:50 10 Mar 20
Great service!
Serafima Chern
22:40 10 Mar 20
Sera Ch
22:39 10 Mar 20
Pavel Stepanov
21:37 03 Mar 20
Love my VA. He loves to learn new processes and software and is very dependable. VirtuDesk has provided great support through the hiring process and for my VA when he needs training. I have been very pleased with the professionalism and the work.
Melanie Wood
14:12 03 Mar 20
Tried this services and was happy with my virtual assistant's responsiveness, attention to detail and hard work. VirtuDesk will provide you highly professional help at a very reasonable price, try them out!
00:47 03 Mar 20
Hands down the best virtual assistants company around! Great results
Pavel Stepanov
21:55 02 Mar 20
I have been with VirtuDesk & my VA Cherish Villanueva Dalmacio for 2 years now.
Cherish is one of those rare people you run across every once in a while. Professionalism and knowledge are expected of any VA but she has that extra quality that makes running a team of Real Estate professionals most pleasurable. I give a high priority task to her and I get back a quick resolution. No muss no fuss and without me having to worry or spend my time making sure it gets done. Along the way, while working on the task she keeps me informed to the level I expect which is more than I can say of many Real Estate Agents. Her attention to details are always spot on and she always delivers more than expected. Wow! Don't find this level of service everywhere. I highly recommend Cherish & Virtudesk! Thank you Cherish Villanueva Dalmacio...even though we are 1/2 a world apart...I feel like you are always in the room next to me on our team!! So thank you!
Heidi Schrock PA
00:35 12 Feb 20
i like virtudesk yes..
Rodel C Lorenzo
15:05 25 Dec 18
Game changer for my business! Best ROI with professional people at an extremely reasonable cost. Highly recommend if you want to see your business grow.
Erica Dinsmore
17:38 27 Nov 18
I hired VirtuDesk 2 two months ago and they met all my expectations. At the beginning I interviewed 5 candidates and picked the one that fits my style. I have to say that my Virtual Assistant received some training from me and I manage/train on objection handling and role play new scripts like I would with any other employees. This is not plug and play tool for new agents who wants to avoid the phone but if you know what you’re doing and want to pass some prospecting and free your time to focus on money making tasks this is a great company. My VA is very hard working person, coachable, punctual and always make an extra step to make me happy. Also have to mention outstanding customer service, I receive check in calls from Virudesk to ensure my satisfaction.
Roman Ivanov
20:42 26 Aug 18
I am working with virtual assistant from VirtuDesk, her name is Alecs. She is amazing and knowledgeable, has experience in my business and very very reliable on all the tasks I am asking her to do. She is fast, organized and proactive. I am very happy with her work and would recommend VirtuDesk to everyone who is looking for help to grow his business!
Larysa Nisen
19:04 26 Aug 18
I have been using virtudesk for a few months now and have had amazing results! Would recommend 110 percent!
Liliana Mellor
18:58 26 Aug 18
This is my first time working from home as a VA and I must say I'm loving it! I applied to several sites before for VA positions and I got quickest response from Virtudesk! Hiring process was smooth and easy, they will guide you all through out the steps! I'm happy I'm now part of the Virtudesk family!
John Ritchie Tolentino
21:43 03 May 18
This is my first time working from home as a VA and I must say I'm loving it! I applied to several sites before for VA positions and I got quickest response from Virtudesk! Hiring process was smooth and easy, they will guide you all through out the steps! I'm happy I'm now part of the Virtudesk family!
John Tolentino
21:31 03 May 18
I am happy that I found Virtudesk. One of the best places to work with. They nurture their VAs and provide excellent training to get us ready for clients. I will recommend Virtudesk to everyone who wants to earn at home.
18:58 03 May 18
Virtudesk is a family.. i love the training and my batchmates!
Haidee Vill Bern
18:39 03 May 18
Love working here! ���
Aicey Maceda
18:38 03 May 18
Lucy Stafienko
04:40 03 May 18
Chiello Peña
15:15 11 Apr 18
Joenell Baluyot
20:21 09 Apr 18
JR Moral
20:16 09 Apr 18
Lalla Andres Tan
20:13 09 Apr 18
Robbie Aira Gallegos
20:13 09 Apr 18
Joms De Leon Pleto
20:09 09 Apr 18
VirtuDesk has literally transformed my company! I can't imagine what i would do without them! Amazing customer support and reps speak pure native English and work ethic, skill level is on top. Thank you Pavel for helping us build our dream and empowering Lsi to help more people!
Serge Bagdasarov
01:16 03 Feb 18
We have been using Virtudesk for almost 8 months already and are very pleased with the services they have provided. They are accurate, efficient, communicative, and all around very helpful.We will continue to use Virtudesk as our company grows and needs evolve.
Thomas Miller
17:20 30 Jan 18
Charles Lemon
11:41 08 Oct 17
Jayvee Ramis
10:19 16 Sep 17
Roby Lester
14:47 14 Sep 17
This one is very helpful, convenient and efficient 👍
Rui Shi
14:36 14 Sep 17
Michael Baldomero
02:20 14 Sep 17
Mac Abella
02:03 14 Sep 17
Guevarra Leonard
00:29 14 Sep 17
Zaldy Rin
00:06 14 Sep 17
Dhon Tabuso
23:43 13 Sep 17
Fatima Patricia Pablo
17:54 13 Sep 17
Erilai Obin
06:03 18 May 17
Great option for virtual assistants! Definitely recommend them to scale and grow your business!
Derrick Jackson II
13:46 20 Mar 17
Great option to get more listings! Trained on the scripts and convos you need to get more business!
Derrick Jackson II
21:02 18 Mar 17
I am using Virtudesk for a part-time prospecting assistant. Since the start, Virtudesk has outperformed other VA services I have used and has consistently provided me with 3-5 appointments per week. Becuase of this, my business is growing exponentially and I am planning on getting 1 full time VA in the near future. I highly recommend Virtudesk!
Brian McKinnon
19:40 09 Mar 17
Xina Lu
18:24 02 Jan 17
Igor Pechkovskyi
19:56 08 Dec 16
Smartest solution to most administrative position!
Paul Ross
06:51 06 Dec 16
Viktor Rudnitskii
00:29 06 Dec 16
We had a hard time finding the right fit for us. We tried a few VA's. We could have kept trying but the time it takes to get one VA up and running is counter productive. The quality of work was not what we expected.
Maic Friedrich
21:13 12 Mar 20
The initial onboarding was not as smooth as I would of hoped and there were some missed deadlines as far as the coordination went with the 'coach' but after reaching out to the regional president he was able to step in and quickly resolve my problems. With that said once my ssecond VA was hired there was a significant learning curve that was a bit steeper than expected. Things like learning how to trouble shoot login issues should of taken 2 hours but i think the age and inexperience with internet tools led to this. I am still working with this same VA in hopes of getting them familiarwith the processes needed.
Andy Meunier
19:22 03 Mar 20
My biggest complaint is what they sold me on was not what I got. They promised me that I would get an experienced TC and also that if I didn't like my candidates I could keep interviewing until I found one I liked. I was given 3 candidates to interview and when I asked for more they said they did not have anymore for me. The person I hired, while I liked her attitude and work ethic, she was NOT well trained. I spent A LOT of TIME training her - this was not what I expected and not what I planned on. Their support services to me as their client and helping me with my concerns and issues was ok.
Kristen Mason Coreas
14:11 03 Mar 20