Why VirtuDesk?

Most competitors in our field present a similar argument of performing their due diligence when selecting VAs for their companies. Naturally, we do the same.

In our recruitment process we evaluate the following:

  • Qualifications assessment
  • Previous work experience and its relevance to our services
  • Skills assessment
  • Communications assessment
  • Systems check
  • VirtuDesk English Proficiency Exam
  • Reliability assessment
  • Program validation
  • Previous work experience validation

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Nonetheless, we go further…

and here is how:

During our screening process, we facilitate a DISC assessment. It’s a 15-minute evaluation to better understand candidate’s personality types and behavioral styles. The four categories are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. The tests results indicate to us the candidate’s strong traits and motivators. It also enables us to select candidates based on their working styles and slot them into a suitable job area within our portfolio of services. To sum it up, we nurture talent and leverage best practices to identify, train, and employ it. This approach provides superior quality and most certainly benefits our clients.

Another key factor of our success and business offering is the cyber security insurance that covers our clients and their intellectual property, including business documentation, networks/clients, etc. In simple words, the insurance gives a peace of mind for our clients, VA talent, and us. It ensures that all information handled by our VAs is protected for confidentiality, privacy, and wholeness of its contents.

An in-house developed time tracker named Timedly is a free service for our clients. In a nutshell, it’s a platform that provides our clients and our team coaches with record of VA activity. Timedly accomplishes it by way of automated screenshots of the VA monitors on a timed-interval basis. This way if a client decides to check on what their VA work day looked like, the client can access the screenshots through the time tracker software and locate the screenshots based on desired time windows.

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