About The Company

Virtudesk is an American-owned Virtual Assistant company located in Kirkland, WA. The company was founded in 2016 and with a strong leadership team and a structured process in place from recruitment, training and personnel management to industry recognition, Virtudesk has become a leader in the Virtual Assistants industry. Since its creation, Virtudesk has assisted hundreds of real estate professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs to leverage their business by placing highly qualified virtual assistants at affordable rates.

Why choose Virtudesk?

Highly Trained Virtual Assistants

Our Virtual Assistants are based in the Philippines. It is a well-known fact that the Philippines is the most popular and affordable location for outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants due to lower cost of living, accent-neutral English, exposure to Western culture and amazing work ethics of the Filipinos. Most of Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing their call centers and customer support centers to the Philippines because of the beneficial business climate.

Despite having an abundance of applicants, Virtudesk remains a highly selective company to work for and requires applicants to not only have a mandatory call center experience, but to pass a background check (FBI grade), demonstrate necessary system and workplace requirements and to undergo a rigorous training. Trainees attend a live online class and also have access to Virtudesk Academy, an online E-learning platform that contains scripts, video tutorials, video discussions and E-Books. At the end of the training class, the trainees must pass the exam in order to be offered employment and endorsed to a client.

Our virtual assistants go through our rigorous hiring, vetting and training process to ensure that you are getting the best virtual assistant on the market.

Time Tracking Protection

You can track your Virtual Assistants productivity, collaborate on tasks performed, and verify attendance with Timedly – our proprietary virtual assistants management software. This will allow you to monitor your Virtual Assistant to provide full transparency about the tasks completed, attendance and capturing of the screenshots of their work. Recently, we upgraded Timedly by adding a project management functionality, which will allow you to manage projects that your virtual assistant is working on and to collaborate with him and her in real-time.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our Virtual Assistants are managed by their respective dedicated account managers to ensure quality of work. Virtudesk strictly implements such activities as Live Role Play Sessions with feedback & Live Coaching Sessions to identify weaknesses and improve them. Dedicated account manager also serves as a liaison between you and your virtual assistant as well as coach for your virtual assistant that provides extra accountability.

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