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Administrative Services

Whether you’re seeking support with paperwork, appointment management, data-entry or other administrative tasks, our team is here for you. Simply sign up, and we will contact you for a consultation to get the full details of your project. Our team can start as soon as today!

Administrative & Transaction Coordinator Services


✓ Oversee all aspects of buyer & seller transactions from executed purchase agreement to closing.

✓ Coordinate title/escrow, mortgage loan and appraisal processes.

✓ Coordinate inspections, assist in negotiations regarding repairs, and coordinate completion of repairs.

✓ Regularly update & maintain communication with clients, agents, title officer, lender etc.

✓ Submit all necessary documentation to office broker for file compliance.

✓ Coordinate moving/possession schedules.

✓ Schedule, coordinate & attend closing process.

✓ Input all client information into client database system.

✓ Schedule 30 Day, 90 Day & 120 Day client customer service follow up calls to assist with any home improvement provider recommendations and to ask for referrals.

Get Organized – Get a VA

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The Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant: 7 Reasons to Hire One

If you’re trying to figure out how to keep your business together and stay on top of tasks and get everything finished in one day, then that might be a sign that you need to hire a virtual assistant. Imagine having someone that can take care of several tasks at one...

How much is your time worth?

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Virtual Assistants and Tasks They Can Handle

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Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Brian McKinnon

Brian McKinnon

September 14, 2016

"I am using Virtudesk for a part-time prospecting assistant. Since the start, Virtudesk has outperformed other VA services I have used and has consistently provided me with 3-5 appointments per week. Because of this, my business is growing exponentially and I am planning on getting 1 full time VA in the near future. I highly recommend virtudesk!"


Rick Bryant

March 29, 2017

"I can also recommend Virtudesk with Pavel Stepanov. I have my VA prospecting expireds and FSBOs 20 hrs a week and she's killing it for me, plenty of appointments and as a single agent it saves me a load of time on the phone."

Derrick Jackson

Derrick Jackson

May 23, 2017

"Virtudesk's team has been great with assisting me to stay organized! My leads are continuing to come in, and I can rest easy knowing they're being reached out to and taken care of. My assistant has been a major help for me and my business!"

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