As your business grows, so does the tasks and responsibilities you need to carry out; as a result, more clients to deal with, more transactions to complete, and more documentation to fulfill. At times, you might even be thinking, “I’ve got more business than I can handle”. If that’s the case, now would be a good time to focus on things that need work. “Perhaps a listing presentation that you need to update?”, “A cross-town agent you need to get in touch with?”, “Advertising you would like to set up?”, “How about appointments that you have scheduled, or your database that needs updating?”

Don’t forget that you need to load new MLS contacts to your dialer, and scrub the leads that lack information like the last name and phone numbers. Maybe you should get an e-mail campaign started. Whoa! Suddenly on top of what you currently have, you also need to be managing things in your business. Therefore, now is the perfect time to get someone else to do that.

Virtual Assistants nowadays need very little training. Just let them know what and how you want it to be done and they’ll take care of it for you. In addition, there is no need to train them on the product or the system. They come equipped with the skills necessary to ensure that your appointments are all present in your calendar so that you do not miss a schedule. They complete information in your database for future references and catch all the things that might fall through the cracks.

Hiring a General Virtual Assistant (GVA) is an all-in-one solution especially for all those small tasks that you have lined up. Furthermore, here are some of the myriads of responsibilities of a GVA:

  • Manage address book, contact lists, and documents
  • Organize calendar applications, appointments, and contents
  • Schedule meetings between client and customers
  • Communicate and coordinate with customers, visitors, suppliers
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Create online and offline promotions for the clients
  • Handle correspondence
  • Transcribes documents, recordings
  • Handles customer inquiries via phone, chat, or e-mail
  • Lead generation, updating and managing contacts database
  • Manage social media accounts and brand

You just need one Virtual Assistant to do these for you. Virtual Assistant Firms train VAs to handle tasks such as these. Hence, better to hire one and not have to worry about training your VA.