It is important to look at the core skill set of the candidate when hiring a Virtual Assistant. Consequently, one would clearly go for a candidate who has established a proven track record of delivering great results. As a business owner, the main goal should be to increase their business revenue. But is this really enough to gauge a candidate’s success once they work for you?

We think otherwise.

DISC Profile assessment shows results about one’s personality and behavior. It helps better understand how a person would play a key role in making decisions when working alone, within a team, and even when placed under pressure. The report contains four different behavioral traits.

These traits are the following:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

Here is a brief explanation per each trait that you can use as a reference when hiring a Virtual Assistant:


They show control over one’s environment while engaging in competition and challenges to achieve success. People who have a high “D” result are self-confident. They also value concrete results and prioritizes well when faced under pressure. Therefore, individuals who have high “D-trait” result appreciate brief discussions involving solutions rather than problems.


People who have a high “I” result are enthusiastic and optimistic. They influence other people by persuading them. Relationships, social recognition, and activities with a large crowd are the main things that motivate them. Which means, they perform well when doing a collaboration with other team members in accomplishing a task.


People with high “S” result place an emphasis on maintaining stability while collaborating and giving support to others. They are calm, predictable, stable, and patient.

Conscientiousness (DISC)

People with high “C-trait” focus on facts and details and are highly capable of driving quality work. In contrast, people who have a high score on this area may also become overcritical on their work and could result in isolating themselves from others.


As you can see, the DISC Profile assessment helps increase one’s understanding of how a candidate may respond to certain situations once they start working for you. Above all, with this tool, you will be able to manage your employees more effectively.