Open communication in a workplace has provided numerous success stories that led to business growth. Business leaders account these stories to efficiency of utilizing openness amongst the people working for them. It can be said that the more your employees are open to you, the more they become receptive to feedback and perform better on their tasks.

Currently, there are many forms of leadership pattern that business owners use as a reference on how they run their business. Some still use the more conventional transactional approach while others use transformational form of leadership. While these forms of leadership can be adapted based on the goals you have set for your business, having an open communication still comes as an important key to achieving success. Open communication means creating an environment where your people are being listened to. In turn, this results to your people trusting you and more likely your business decisions because of the established emotional connection and accountability towards each other.

There are multiple ways in achieving this. We have enlisted ways that could help you manage your people, promote open communication, and create a strategy on how you can optimize business growth based on trust and transparency.

Encourage Your Employees Through Weekly Correspondence

Establishing a baseline for you to connect with your people can be done in numerous ways. Making your people feel motivated is also a way for them to have better performance at work and provide better results. You can do this through email sent personally to them.

Build Comfort In Talking About What Needs To Be Changed

Many companies have built a culture disregarding the negatives and focuses more on the positives of a process, an employee or even an impacting issue. Making your people comfortable in discussing things that need to be changed also allows a facet for them to be more adept in providing solutions and create all other possible scenarios that could mitigate other compounding issues relating to the ones that had been identified. In essence, this approach allows your employees to feel they matter because their ideas are valued in their company’s culture.

Weekly Meetings

Weekly meetings are a good way for you and your team to get to know each other. It also helps discuss work related issues you want to address. You can also make use of this in tracking your team’s performance while fostering a two-way candid conversation.

Commit Yourself To Responding To Your People Within 24 hours

We all have things we need to do. Then again, finding time to communicate with your people reflects how you take care of them. It makes them as part of your priority list. Giving them a response right away would make them feel that you care. It creates the whole idea that you are responsible and accountable for your actions.

Conclusion: Open Communication

In reality, openness to feedback help people grow. It creates bridges that help build a stronger foundation of trust in the workplace. It is a progressive mutual relationship that empowers employees and having to commit yourself to being receptive to your people can be a key to achieving the business success you have been aiming for.