Have you ever asked yourself, is it possible to multiply myself? What If I could clone myself? If you did, you would possibly be able to do every single task for your business. Nowadays, businessmen hire a potential Virtual Assistant from offshore just to offload half the work they’re doing.

When your small business is having a good sustainable growth, you face more challenges and different demands. You need to keep up with the trends in the market, so work on projects that aim to make your services better. However, the problem is, when you get your hands full taking care of tasks that consume so much of your time.

As a busy person, you are tied with a lot of responsibilities in the business that takes so much of your time and even the time for your family and yourself. To achieve your desired work-life balance, you have to clear out your major priorities and stay marketable. What makes that realistic is when you make yourself more productive – that is knowing the right time to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Hiring a Virtual Assistant and assigning them some of your tasks, can free up your time and lets you focus more on what’s important.

But before you could hire the right person for your business, you have to know them first by conducting an interview. The interview is a crucial process for you to identify your potential Virtual Assistant. It is also the chance of the Applicants to sell themselves by presenting their personal qualifications, qualities, skills, and experiences.

You might think of what set of questions should you ask or what should be the things you need to know from your potential candidate. Well, we have listed down 15 Interview Questions for your potential Virtual Assistant. 

1. Tell me something about yourself that is not work-related.

It is a great way to start the interview. It eases the nervousness of the candidate and lets them be at ease as they will be talking about something they really know about – themselves. By asking this question, you will see whether the candidate is comfortable and/or willing to share something about themselves that is apart from their work history and experience.

2. Outside of your role as a Virtual Assistant,  what activities do you enjoy doing?

On a personal level, it will allow you to know more about the candidate. It can somewhat give you a sneak preview of their personality. This gives you a chance to see who they are outside of work.

3. What type of work do you prefer or are you most comfortable to do?

Throwing this question to your potential Virtual Assistant will let you know if their skill set fits what you need. This gives you a chance to identify if they will be honest enough to tell you about their own skills and capabilities. This can lead you to identify on which candidate would be a good fit for the post.

4. What modes of communication do you like most?

Topmost used modes of communication are email, phone calls, face-to-face Skype or Google Hangouts Video Calls. Asking this question can give you an idea of how you will communicate with your Virtual Assistant especially when assigning projects and providing them instructions. Communication is the key to making your partnership a success, so having the right tool for communication is essential.

5. Do you have any preferred schedule or restrictions?

Make sure you are able to communicate. Some Virtual Assistants may be based anywhere around the globe. Some of them prefer to work in the morning or at night. However, what matters most is that you establish your needs and your Virtual Assistant’s availability so you would know if it’s a good match.

6. What do you consider as your core skills and services?

This question lets you explore the skills of the candidate. This gives you a bird’s eye view of their strengths. Knowing these things can help you in identifying if a candidate is right for the job. Also, keep in mind that it’s important for you to have a crystal clear idea of what you’re looking for because there are a lot of different kinds of virtual assistants.

7. If I asked you to perform a task, and after accepting it you realized you couldn’t do it on your own, what would you do?

This will allow you to determine the candidate’s resourcefulness. Remember that your Virtual Assistant is well – Virtual. Which means, there’s no one to help them out with their tasks, which means, being resourceful is the key to getting things done. Knowing how will they think of possible solutions that would help them to get things done is the main idea of this question.

8. What would you do if I gave you an assignment, and you thought you understood it, but then later you realized you didn’t understand?

It does matter if the Virtual Assistant knows how to admit mistake/s. This question gives you the opportunity to know how your potential Virtual Assistant will display accountability and honesty.

9. What would you do if you realize that you couldn’t finish all tasks given to you on time?

Setting of right expectations is another key factor to having a great partnership with your Virtual Assistant. One of the qualities they need to possess is being able, to be honest, and to set the right expectations for you as their client. A deadline is a deadline and no one can argue with that, however, in times wherein, the workload is almost too impossible to be accomplished, proper setting of expectations should be communicated to be able to come up with a strategy that will help in accomplishing any pending tasks.

10. Tell me a story of when you spoke up and contradicted your boss?

This interview question to your potential VA should give you an insight into his/her work style. It’s a plus if they are giving you suggestions or recommendations. So if they ask you, “Have you considered this other way to do such and such?”, don’t get offended, they are concerned about you and your business.

There you have it! Now that you have all the questions you have to ask for the potential Virtual Assistants during an interview, it is time to ask yourself: Are you ready to have someone from the other side of the world who can help your business grow more? What are the tasks that you may need to assign to them? Whatever answers you might have in mind, these will measure if you need to consider virtual assistants has to offer.