Transaction Coordinators has knowledge of the real estate sales process: keen organizational skills, diligence, attention to detail, and of course skills that a Transaction Coordinator does best – knowing the process.  The benefit of hiring a Transaction Coordinator (TC)? There’s someone who can think and work along with you that doesn’t cost as much. A TC can handle processes, transactions, and deadlines essential to the completion of a contract in the real estate business.

Benefits of Hiring a Transaction Coordinator

Hiring a Transaction Coordinator dramatically reduces the stress on managing your clients. A transaction coordinator will make certain that a whole lot stays in the right direction for the duration of the promoting manner. They’ll assist you from contract to close seamlessly and fast.  Transaction Coordinators also are efficient in coping with any issues that can emerge within the transactions with the consumers or any third party vendors and they’re additionally your factor of touch whom your clients can check within the event that they have any inquiries, and likewise, whom you could rely on to behave as a messenger.

Here are the things a Transaction Coordinator does in the world of Real Estate
  • In charge of all factors of the buyer and seller transactions from executed purchase agreement to closing
  • They open with escrow and process such as mortgage and appraising
  • They make house inspections check for any home renovations and makes negotiations with repair stores.
  • Point of contact of clients to agents title officers even lenders.
  • Collection of documents for submission to the office broker for file compliance
  • In charge of moving in and possession schedules.
  • Provide input to client and data entry into the client’s system
  • Take in charge of scheduling the 30 Day /90 Day and 120 Day Customer follow-ups.
  • Check for possible prospects or referrals.

A Transaction Coordinator need not be expensive. You can find someone who can complete these tasks. Hiring from a Virtual Assistant Firm ensures that the Transaction Coordinator you get is already trained and familiar with the tasks that you need.