What exactly do Virtual Assistants do? We only know that we can delegate the small tasks or the repetitive tasks to them. But exactly what kind of tasks constitute small or repetitive? What responsibilities or roles must a virtual assistant do in your business? Below is a list of tasks you might want to hand off to your virtual assistant.


Email Management

Some might think that emails are easy to work with, but for someone who actually cares about ensuring that everything in the Inbox has been ‘read’ or that important mail is segregated from the spam emails, you know that sorting through the mail can really take time.  An average of 30 minutes is spent on reading, deleting, and segregating email each day.  If something needs to be addressed, then that would use up additional time.

This is a task that you can delegate your VA to do. Perhaps your email does not have the capacity or ability to filter according to certain types, then you can get your virtual assistant to take care of this for you.


Telephone Calls

As business owners, we want to make sure that our current customers and potential clients get the attention that they deserve especially when they are inquiring about a product or a service that you offer. It is always important that you are reachable for the most part.

However, manning the phones, keeping track of schedules, and then going back to taking calls will certainly take up a good part of your time. That is why this is a task that is best delegated to a Virtual Assistant who you can rely on to man the phones and answer all inquiries that would come in. At the same time, you can also have the same virtual assistant reach out to prospective clients to make calls and even close appointments for you!


Schedule Management

Got a calendar which you started updating with every single appointment but eventually ran out of time to update and keep track of it? That is what a virtual assistant is for.  Throw all your schedule management tasks to your VA. Let them input all the dates, all the schedules and keep track of appointments for you.  Your VA will let you know if you’ve got a meeting for work which is why you’d have to reschedule a sales call or attend your child’s recital so you’ll have to move the shopping trip to a different date and so on. They will keep you organized and you’ll stay on track and right on schedule.


Bookkeeping Tasks

Trying to keep track of bills and bookkeeping matters is one of the things a virtual assistant can take care of for you. It’s helpful for business owners to have an assistant take care of outstanding bills or unpaid invoices.  It’s best to get someone you can trust. Usually, a referral is a good way to get a virtual assistant. However, the right person with proper training can handle this task for you. Once you do find that person, you can expect to save hours and money on bookkeeping.


Research & Data Management

Research and Data entry must be one of the basic skills you would have by now if you’ve already started your business and are at the point where you’re considering hiring a virtual assistant. Granted it is so easy and once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to gather the information you need. However, it is also time-consuming, and could very well be handled by a virtual assistant who can put in more hours than you could, and still come up with more information. Furthermore, once that information is available, you’ll want it arranged and collated on a document.

If you needed to make a report, a virtual assistant can research the information for you. Put it together on a PowerPoint presentation or a dump the information on a Word document. This, you can turn into a PDF file later on.


Social Media Management & Marketing

We all know that in any business, exposure is the best way to get clients. What better way to have exposure than digital marketing? Almost everyone nowadays is on social media. You want you to reach to be as far as it can get. Sign up for an account on every relevant social media platform there is. You could also get a virtual assistant to sign up for you. Everything related to your business such as managing ads, and answer inquiries from social media sites,


Website Management

Creating a website can be a daunting task. And for someone who isn’t familiar with blogging spaces or website hosts for domain names, you would certainly want someone who knows what they’re doing in order to achieve familiarity and later on popularity by optimizing your site so that search engines can easily find it. A virtual assistant who is well-versed in creating and maintaining websites will be one of your best investments as there is a wide selection of skills and talents that you can choose from to provide what you need which will represent you and your business.