Social Media plays one of the biggest parts of our daily lives. As a Real Estate Agent you must be updated on the things that are currently hot in the market. Social Media could be your avenue to get Leads and many more. So here’s your 5-Point Social Media To Do List

Create Content about the Cities You Are Working In

Famous landmarks in the area will spark interest. Taking pictures of the Listings also generate interest around that area. Make use of Virtual Tours to market properties thru social media and get prospects even buyers.

Post about Local Events

Another great way to promote the cities you are working in is to post about local events such as town hall meetings, sports events, local fairs, even after-school events. It displays what kind of culture you have in your area. This is a great way to attract people who might be looking for a place like this to live in.

Congratulate New Homeowners

Send a congratulatory message with a personal touch to new homeowners by posting a photo of a new home, or a set of keys. People appreciate the gesture and raise positive interest.

Start a Blog

Start a blog to be a star on the internet. This allows you to create longer content which you can share on your social media sites. You don’t necessarily have to write long articles. They could just be pictures on your blog or you can create galleries.

Post Your Listings

The 80-20 rule of social media is that 80% of your posts should be non-business posts, and 20% promotional content.  Use the 20% to post your home listings.